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About US

You can see our story in a historical tour
Where did we start and how far did we come?

Javani Trading was established by Ali Javani in 1970 to market Iranian pistachio

The activity of Javani Trading has been expanded to other nuts and became the one of the strongest supllier of iraninan nuts and pistachio in the central market of iran

The activity of Javani Trading has been continued through exporting and importing and producing various cultivars of nuts, focusing on agricultural and trading the Iranian strategic product pistachio

In order to complete its production and sales cycle, Javani Trading established an Iranian Pistachio farm since 2005 and Processing Plant since 2016

Now we have a complete cycle of production, processing, sorting, packaging and sale of all nuts, especially Iranian pistachios . We are honored of honesty in our business and the quality assurance of the provided products and we are ready to cooperate with businessmen in trading of all cultivars of nuts and Iranian pistachio